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Recruitment Best Practices

From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, hiring techniques are different, but have one common goal. Companies want to find the best candidate to be a part of their team.  So, what does it look like to hire a multigeneration labor force? 

Baby Boomers (1946-1964): They come from a time when it was expected to look for jobs in newspapers, job fairs or even friendly recommendations. Candidates would sit by the land line phone and make cold calls to companies asking for employment opportunities. 

 The work history of a candidate held a lot of weight. Boomers stayed at jobs longer and were considered loyal to their companies. 

Generation X (1965-1980): This generation started using new technologies to locate new job opportunities. In an era of employment growth, candidates could find employment in newspapers, as well as the up-and-coming internet job boards. 

Candidates started looking for a work-life balance rather than being in the office all day.  These “X’ers” are resourceful and work smarter not harder. They want to be able to go to work and leave at the end of the day. 

Millennials (1981-1996): Millennials are more comfortable using the digital world verses the “old ways of looking” for jobs.  This group have their upbringing in the technology world.  Social media has become part of their everyday life. Networking was no longer just passing out cards to colleagues, it is about sending them your emails and company websites.

 Candidates want to know that they fit in culturally and share the same values. It is more about a sense of belonging than it is about the work they are doing. Millennials want to grow and climb the corporate ladder.

Generation Z (1997- 2012): Technology is a very big part of the Gen Z hiring process.  In a world of video calls and AI technology this generation thrives on speed and ability to see the process in real time. Application communication is no longer a struggle, since text messages, emails, video calls and regular phone call accessibility makes the hiring process the easiest it has ever been. 

These candidates search for diversity and inclusion when applying for companies. A lot like millennials, this generation wants to grow and advance in the business world. They want to make the world a better place and be more self-aware. 

The hiring practices have changed over the years, so it is important to know the audience you are trying to attract. Be sure to review all your avenues and do not be afraid to try new things.  Older generations are learning to be more tech savvy but that doesn’t mean completely throwing out the old ways of doing things.  Remember it worked for companies at one point, so it can still work today. 

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