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At your fingertips, for less than the cost of a full time employee

Savio knows that your time and money is best spent directly on the issues pertinent to your business. We value your needs and we strive to ease your HR issues and needs through guided care from your Savio consulting team, as well as through providing technology which streamlines the HR process. Team with us to alleviate your payroll, HR, time tracking, benefits needs and all your HCM requirements through iSolved, the Human Capital Management Solution we offer directly from Savio to you. All your workforce needs are readily and easily addressed through iSolved, a paperless technology which organizes your HR, benefits, and payroll needs. The dashboard technology is completely configurable and customized for your specific requirements and provides easy, direct solutions for your HR difficulties. iSolved provides:

  • Recruitment and new hire onboarding with WOTC
  • HR management tools
  • Payroll, time management and labor
  • Benefits administration 
  • Performance management & compliance
  • Training
  • Awards, education, company assets
  • Easy to understand reporting tools

All of this and so much more is at your fingertips in one single Cloud-based system! All your data is safely stored and fully accessible in the Cloud for you to review at any time. Savio partners with you to provide this hugely beneficial technology which allows you to focus on other pressing business matters for your company’s profitability and productivity.

Savio’s Human Capital Management System

The features of iSolved cover the entire workcycle for you as an employer, from job recruitment, to applicant tracking and assessments, new hire paperwork, background checks, onboarding, compliance, all paperwork, performance management, and offboarding. Along with providing you, the employer, with a unified solution for all your HCM needs, your employees also  benefit through a better work life balance enabled through Savio’s iSolved.


Your HR department can streamline and create a paperless system to improve your workforce productivity and company culture with the iSolved technology focused on performance management, training, awards, ongoing education and certifications, as well as meeting all employee needs such as PTO, payroll, self service, and job history. With real time data available to you, as well as updates and new reports accessible every 8-10 weeks, you’ll stay up to date on all your HR, payroll, and time tracking data by using iSolved with Savio. Savio’s iSolved provides a unified, one touch web-based solution with the following benefits:

  • Paperless, 100% Cloud based HR Capital Management System
  • ONE business management platform accessible anytime and anywhere, to provide you with a single HCM solution
  • Multi-tenant at the client, legal company, and pay group levels
  • Designed and delivered for the Cloud (no on-premise compromises)
  • HR, payroll, time & attendance, and benefits administration in one solution
  • Mobile ready
  • SSAE 16/SAS 70 level II certified; attestation regarding the controls design, objectives, and implementation
  • Serving 45k+ businesses worldwide and over 3 million paychecks service per week


Increase your company’s proficiency and productivity by utilizing the iSolved technology, freeing you up to focus on your core business needs. All of this can be done by using Savio’s single database for all your HR, payroll, and benefits, as well as all other Human Capital Management needs.



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