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An Employee Handbook is Essential

Ensure that your organization has clear guidelines
for culture and values

An employee handbook is an imperative component of communicating with employees your company values and culture. Depending on your company’s unique needs, Savio partners with you to create, revise, or update your handbook, utilizing our extensive experience in Employee Handbook and Policy Review. 

We Help Create or Update Your Employee Handbook

Savio is here to ensure your success in creating a handbook which accurately represents your company, as well as promoting your workplace policies, procedures and rules. If your company is simply looking to update your existing employee handbook, your Savio team applies the latest federal and state compliance laws, makes required updates, and offers suggestions for practical applications. If you are working on the initial creation of your handbook, we can work with you to write it from the ground up or even prepare it for you.  Savio is an asset to you in the handbook process, using our years of experience and knowledge to write, revise, or update your handbook. 

Is an Employee Handbook Important for HR?

Why even have an employee handbook? At Savio, we believe an employee handbook represents more than simply rules and regulations of a company. A well-written handbook expresses the culture of your company and serves as a communication tool between you and your employees. This not only facilitates employee loyalty but also encourages employee embodiment of your company culture.

Employee Handbooks Convey Expectations

Besides expressing your company culture, Savio is here to guide you through the necessary components of a well-written employee handbook. It should serve as a means to convey to employees what is expected of them as employees of your company in terms of their rights and obligations. Handbooks can help provide employees with peace of mind that they will receive equal treatment in the workplace, and that your business is established on sensible and realistic policies.

Guidance for Expected Employee Behavior

A large part of Savio’s role is to protect your company, and due to our experience in this field, our team knows what risks to avoid in your employee handbook and what is crucial to include. To that end, we provide employee handbook examples for you to browse from our numerous clients to serve as guides, and most importantly, you have complete access to your team at Savio for any and all questions. We work with you to create a clearly worded employee handbook which can save your company from related disputes. Most likely we will check to ensure the handbook includes: legally mandated policies concerning payroll, sick leave, paid time off, overtime, benefits, breaks, and jury duty; harassment and discrimination policies; protection of confidential information; computer use and social media policies, etc. This allows you to consistently apply, monitor, and measure actions and results, as well as encourage an effective, harmonious workplace.

In summary, the overall goal of an employee handbook is to help you consistently apply and communicate policies/procedures, express the story and culture of your organization, and eliminate unnecessary disputes. To accomplish this, Savio is here to support your company in each step of the employee handbook process.



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