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At your fingertips, for less than the cost of a full time employee

Smart HR Solutions include knowing your company’s strategic goals and supplying people solutions and processes needed to accomplish workgroup and organizational targets.  Savio knows that your time and money is best spent directly on the issues that are pertinent to meeting your business’ strategic needs. Savio HR Solutions partners with your HR team to allow you to focus on creating a best in class people focused organization.  Your Savio consulting team provides the HR knowledge, research and technology that streamline the HR process. 

Our people are the difference between good service and great results.  We focus on results driven service that helps our clients maximize their people resources.  

With our technology solution, iSolved Human Capital Management (HCM), we can provide one-touch integration of your payroll, HR, time tracking, benefits, compensation and performance management processes.   All your workforce needs are readily and easily addressed through iSolved’s paperless technology. The dashboard technology is completely configurable and customizable for your specific requirements.  iSolved provides:

  • Recruitment and new hire onboarding with WOTC
  • HR management tools
  • Payroll, time management and labor
  • Benefits administration software
  • Performance management & compliance
  • Training
  • Awards, education, company assets
  • Easy to understand reporting tools

All of this and so much more is at your fingertips in one single Cloud-based system! Your data is safely stored and fully accessible in the Cloud for you to review at any time. Savio HR Solutions partners with you to provide this hugely beneficial technology which allows you to focus on other pressing business matters for your company’s profitability and productivity.

Savvy HR Solution

The features of iSolved cover the entire employee lifecycle for you as an employer. It takes you from job recruitment, to applicant tracking and assessments; onboarding provides for electronic new hire paperwork, background checks, and WOTC opportunities; performance management; and offboarding. Along with providing the employer with a unified solution for all your HCM needs, your employees also  benefit through an employee portal that allows them to view check stubs, work schedules, request leave and change demographic information.

Your HR department can improve your workforce productivity and company culture with the iSolved technology focused on performance management, training, awards, ongoing education and certifications, and job history. The system provides you with real time data as well as updates and new reports.

iSolved is a Paperless, 100% Cloud based HR Capital Management System that allows you to manage all HR needs on one technology platform.

Our Customer SAY:

We believe in ethics, values, drive determination and results and your organization has delivered beyond our expectations. We deliver on the promises that we set for our customers and Savio has never failed to do the same for us.

- Debra, HR Professional



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