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We support you through every question you may have regarding HR unemployment insurance. Following UI best practices saves you time and money, and our extensive expertise in this area is yours with a simple phone call. Savio guides you through the extensive documentation process, ensures you are knowledgeable on response and probationary periods, and keeps you up to date on every best practice in this field.  

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits insurance can be a costly and touchy topic for employers. Your Savio team has spent a large part of our years of experience focused on this very topic and we continue to share this knowledge and expertise with our clients. There are several components to managing this delicate topic through engaging in best practices, while also saving you time and money through being knowledgeable about the unemployment insurance cost to employers. Having unemployment cost effective solutions and being very aware of unemployment insurance rates can assist you greatly in this area. Savio will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re adhering to best practices which not only protect you and your employees but also are cost-effective and fair. 

Common UI Best Practices

  1. The main goal we at Savio will work with you to create is an environment where employees are clear on their roles and responsibilities and are set up for success, as these are the most effective ways to save time and money by avoiding the entire UI benefits claims entirely. Employees who are able to perform tasks to the best of their ability are cost-efficient because they’re productive for the business and do not get tied up in unemployment claims at all (by staying with the company). Savio works with you to set up the right procedures: hiring the right candidate, engaging in the best onboarding practices, having clear job descriptions and employee handbooks, and continual feedback, which are all imperative components of best practices to ensure your employees are set up for achievement. At times, this simply isn’t going to work with a particular employee, and Savio is still here for you to walk you through the entire UI claims process.
  2. If an employee is not meeting the needs of the company or is negligent/engaging in misconduct, the best practice is to provide detailed warnings and  to document everything. Providing clear and concise feedback about how to improve, what is expected, how the employee is not meeting expectations, etc. should all be documented and communicated to the employee. 
  3. The next thing to be aware of is who is eligible for unemployment benefits. Those who choose to leave or who are dismissed due to misconduct are not eligible while those who are terminated for general layoffs or lower performance levels should be able to receive unemployment. Your Savio contact will help you ascertain who is genuinely eligible to collect benefits, as well as determining a general rule for qualifications. 
  4. Lastly, responding promptly to claims benefits both you and the employee versus being tied up in legal tape indefinitely. 

Call Savio today and ensure you’re utilizing unemployment best practices in responding to all unemployment insurance claims. Save your valuable time and money and call Savio for all your UI best practices needs!

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We believe in ethics, values, drive determination and results and your organization has delivered beyond our expectations. We deliver on the promises that we set for our customers and Savio has never failed to do the same for us.

- Debra, HR Professional



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