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Send an email to safe@mdes.ms.gov with the employees’ name and last four digits of their social security number. This email should contain this or similar language:

“We would like to report a fraudulent identity theft claim filed against the SSN of John Smith XXX-XX-1234.  Mr. Smith is currently employed at Employer’s Name.  Mr. Smith has stated that he did not file a claim for unemployment benefits.  

Please take the necessary steps to invalidate this fraudulent claim and hold Mr. Smith harmless for any benefits that may have been paid to the criminals that victimized him.  We also request that our account not be charged as a result of this crime.

We will advise Mr. Smith to destroy the debit card and to expect your notification with instructions on the next steps he should take.”

If or when you receive the Notice to Employer of Claim Filed and Request for Information, complete the separation details section by entering, “FRAUDULENT CLAIM.  This employee is not unemployed and continues to work as scheduled.  The employee has told us that he/she did not file a claim for UI benefits.”  The completed document should be sent to the safe@mdes.ms.gov email address.  We recommend redacting the first 5 digits of the SSN before emailing.  

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Boomers Knocking at the Door of Retirement


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