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Happy Holidays!

HR for the holidays
HR for the holidays

As we enter the season of gift giving, holiday parties, family and friends. This time of year also brings on the stress. Employees are stretched to the limit trying to get that end of the year project done, not to mention the stress from outside of the office. This jolly time comes with its challenges. As HR professionals we need to be aware of those holiday stressors and have strategies to help managers and employees cope with the holiday season.

Most of the solutions are very simple. Encouraging employees to take a break. Whether it is just to walk around the building or take a vacation day. Regardless of an employee’s religious affiliation, encourage them to bring some of the season’s cheer into their workspace. Whether it is Hannukah, Bodhi or even the Yule season. Bring the cheer into the workspace can alleviate the stress that comes from this time of the year. Encourage Managers to recognize their employees hard work with a simple Thank You. This can go a long way to help employees feel connected as well as appreciated which in turn can alleviate some of the stress that this time of the year can produce. Another great way to help with stress is to encourage employees to reach out and ask for help. This holiday season give the gift of reduced stress.

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