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Our hospital of 360 employees has been a member with Mississippi Hospital Association Solutions for over 14 years.When I started my career at North Sunflower Medical Center in Rulevilled, MS as the Human Resources Manager, I was a rookie as far as human resources were concerned. I did not know what to expect when we had unemployment claims but I learned fast and I could not have made it without the help and teaching from the MHA Solutions Unemployment Insurance staff.

Jim Martin, at Mississippi Hospital Association Solutions, is the first member that I had the pleasure of working with on unemployment hearings. I was so glad that he had a witty and professional personality to help ease the stress that builds up before the hearing. He would always make me (and supervisors) feel comfortable and at ease. Anytime there was an unemployment hearing, Mr. Martin would be prepared to be onsite (by our side) to say all the right things to make us feel at ease and offer reassurance.

The human resources area of MHA has always been wonderful in helping with any problems I may have with an employee issue. I always feel confident with the solutions they offer. They are always so professional and quick to respond.

MHA Solutions is a very valuable, professional, resourceful and organized services and wirth the membership. They are great in all areas of Health Care. I am so grateful for the membership with MHA Solutions and the great job they do for North Sunflower Medical Center. They are a great team to work with.

Our Customer SAY:

We believe in ethics, values, drive determination and results and your organization has delivered beyond our expectations. We deliver on the promises that we set for our customers and Savio has never failed to do the same for us.

- Debra, HR Professional



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