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Savio In The Know June 2024

June 03, 2024 by Savio Human Resources

Can staff come and speak with you freely? Do staff say that they areuncomfortable coming to you or even sitting in your office... Savio-in-the-Know-June-2024Download

Boomers Knocking at the Door of Retirement

May 15, 2024 by Savio Human Resources

Boomers will be closing their briefcases, taking off their heels, and hanging up their hardhats for the last time within the next 5 years. Nearly 50% of the boomer generation will be retiring during this time frame. The generation that set the foundations for the companies that we work in today will be leaving them.  This will undoubtably influence the companies and force them to focus on what is coming down the pipeline. New generations are moving up and welcoming fresh new faces to the workforce. It is the responsibility of the leaders to show the newer generations what the…

Command of the Meeting

August 14, 2019 by Savio HR Solutions

Command of the investigation / disciplinary / termination meeting.  Do not allow employees to dictate the terms of the meeting.  At the outset, define the protocol that will be followed during the meeting and follow the protocol. Example approach:  We are here to discuss the incident that occurred on 1/1/17.  During this meeting we will all behave in a professional manner.  Any unprofessional behavior, such as raising of the voice, will result in the meeting being terminated.  I will speak first and when I conclude I will provide you an opportunity to provide a statement.  Jane Doe is sitting in…



Problem Solving Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem


July 09, 2024

Employers run into problems; this is no surprise to anyone. Problems come in different shapes and sizes and range over different areas within the company. Employers need strong problem-solving skills in their employees.  Employees who […]

Work Playlist Can Enhance Your Productivity


June 25, 2024

Hit pause on workplace distractions! Music just might be the missing note to your productivity symphony.  Headphones are becoming more of a normal accessory to employee’s wardrobe, but this can appear unprofessional or even rude. […]

Job Rotation/ Cross Training 


June 10, 2024

Cross training is not a new concept for the workforce. Managers want to know that all moving pieces of the company are covered, even when the main employee is out of the office. It reduces […]