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MDES provided us with instructions that if a victim has received a MDES debit card, the debit card should be shredded immediately and your employee’s email their name, phone number, date debit card was received and date card was destroyed.   The email address they provided is safe@mdes.ms.gov

We are advising identify theft victims to copy/photograph (back and front) the card so they will have evidence when they file their police report.  They should also retain all mail associated with the claim to support their police report.

After you report the claims as fraudulent, the employees should get an acknowledgement from MDES.  It should read:

“This letter is to acknowledge receipt of your notification that an alleged fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits was file using your personal information:

You must:

  1. File a police report with your local police or sheriff’s department and
  2. File an Identity Theft Affidavit with the Attorney General’s office.  The affidavit is available on the Attorney General’s website, www.ago.state.ms.us/voctos/odemtotu-theft, at the back of the Identity Theft Information booklet and includes instructions for completion.
  3. Within seven (7) calendar days, email the following documents to MDES at safe@mdes.ms.gov
    • Police Report
    • Identity Theft Affidavit
    • Driver’s License or State Issued Picture ID
    • Social Security Card

You will continue to receive correspondence from MDES until the cancellation process is complete.  If you receive a debit card, it should be destroyed immediately to prevent activation.

If you have additional questions, contact MDES at safe@mdes.ms.gov or (601) 321-5498.”

Employees can start the police report and the Attorney General’s Identify Theft Affidavit prior to receipt of MDES’ acknowledgment.  That way they will be prepared to submit the required information when the MDES acknowledgment is received. 

If the employee is hesitant to send the requested information by email, we are also advising our members to collect the information in #3 and find a way to deliver it via hard copy.  Many employees have been reluctant to send the documents by email since they contain the same information used to steal their identity.

Our Customer SAY:

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- Debra, HR Professional



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